Screen Research

Founded in 2001, Screen Research is a leading provider of state-of-the-art video projector screens designed for custom home theater, commercial and professional cinema applications.

Setting new standards for the industry, Screen Research’s advanced solutions include the patented ClearPix2™ acoustically transparent surface. This allows the speakers to be positioned directly behind the screen without compromising audio performance, creating a perfect fusion of image and sound. Award-winning ClearPix2™ screens have received THX® and ISF® certifications at the highest grade ever reached by a screen manufacturer, guaranteeing an unforgettable home cinema experience, ideal for complementing today’s high definition projectors.

SolidPix™ fabrics offer the ideal solution for those who do not require an acoustically transparent screen. ISF certified and providing superb color balance and a wide viewing angle, the SolidPix range includes fabrics for a variety of video projection environments.

The patented LeWing sound and speaker system features ClearPix2™ screen fabric partnered with built-in left, center, and right loudspeaker channels, offering the ultimate in flexibility and performance.

Screen Research offers a full range of fixed, motorized, flat and curved screens, many available with remote-controlled masking systems and a wide range of control input options, catering for all your viewing requirements.

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Screen Research Configurator