Exclusive Distributor

Pulse Cinemas have recently put themselves firmly back in the projector game by announcing exclusive distribution for BenQ’s home cinema range of outstanding 4k projectors. 

Mike Beatty, Managing Director, added that "At a similar time, we were proud to take the distribution in the U.K. of the very impressive Digital Projection. A UK company, based in Manchester, who have previously focused on delivering solutions for high end projects in the commercial world, are now taking the home cinema market by storm."

While showing the Essential team around their brand new facility, Kapes Patel and Mike Beatty expressed that "we are confident we can now offer any dealer/installer looking to deliver their clients a projector solution, the opportunity to witness the superior picture quality being demonstrated at our numerous facilities. With our calibration expertise and experience in the world of Projection, we are confident that we can deliver the very best visual performance at any price point."

When speaking to Charlie McClarron, UK sales manager for Pulse Cinemas, about their fastest moving Digital Projection model, the E-Vision 4K at just over £17,000 retail, he was quick to state "the product's picture quality will massively outperform any projector from our competitors. You’d be doing your clients an injustice by not allowing them to experience what we now have on offer."

Dealers who have taken the drive to sunny Stansted in Essex to see for themselves, the reality of the bold statements coming out of Pulse, seem to be confirming the point. Barry Copeland, Prestige Audio’s Technical Director, announced "On a recent client visit to Pulse Cinemas, the guys were keen to demonstrate how their projector offering now outperformed any other projector. We were blown away by what we saw and after a 30 minute sensory explosion, our client signed off on the Digital Projection Highlight 4K retailing at £42,000+VAT."

According to the Pulse team, BenQ also have new 4K and HDR models coming early in 2018 with price points of the new models starting at under £2,000! The much anticipated HDR will also be coming to three of the company's premium models.

The updated projector news coming out of Pulse HQ should give dealers/installers the confidence that their team now has products at every price point, capable of exceeding even the most demanding of client expectations.

Kind Regards 
Mike Beatty
Managing Director

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Kaleidescape Sales Manager

Pulse Cinemas are looking to employ a Kaleidescape Sales Manager to accelerate the growing potential of the Kaleidescape brand here in the U.K.

The successful candidate will become our Kaleidescape brand ambassador. They will have experience in the world of Custom Installation and would have previously travelled the UK representing a company within this sector.

Representing Pulse Cinemas in its quest to continue the impressive work our team has already achieved, is key.

The candidate will have a 'can do' positive attitude, able to continually motivate themselves and dealers. They should enjoy working within a team, while also being happy to work alone when traveling the country.

The experience, continued positive attitude and achievements of the successful candidate will be reflected in the package and bonuses offered.

Our dynamic Pulse Cinemas team are loyal, hard working and dedicated people who are highly valued; if you like the sound of what you've read and would like learn more about joining our family, please email your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kind Regards
The Pulse Team

Pulse Cinemas Showroom Improvements From 28th Nov - 19th Dec


After the recent addition of Crestron to the Pulse Cinemas portfolio of products, it has been decided that the showroom here in Stansted would benefit from a number of necessary updates and improvements. These will include a new graphical interface of the Crestron programmes, introduction of the very latest Crestron equipment and a rewire of the racks that hold every piece of equipment powering the facility.

As you can imagine, running dealer events and demonstrations during this time will be challenging; so it has been decided that the demo rooms at our HQ will be closed from 28th November, when update work will commence. They will open again on 19th December. Any dealers wishing to experience any of the demonstration areas are advised to book meetings ASAP.

I hope that, like us, you are excited by the prospect of Pulse Cinemas offering the most advanced and impressive demonstration area anywhere in Europe.

Our recent additions to the 3rd floor media room, which will include a flex style cinema, will commence around the same time; with invitations landing in the new year.

Our promise to you; after a short disruption to our demonstration areas, things are going to get a lot better at Pulse Cinemas HQ.

Kind Regards
The Pulse Team

Crestron Appoints Pulse Cinemas

EXCLUSIVE: @CrestronInt appoints @PulseCinemas as official reseller ce-pro.eu/2016/11/23082/ #avtweeps


Ce Pro can exclusively reveal that Crestron has appointed Pulse Cinemas as an official trade supplier of its residential products in the UK.

Pulse says the relationship was already a close one as its team have years of experience in dealing with Crestron and of demonstrating its range and functionality at the company’s impressive Stansted showroom.

The Crestron range is available to order now from the company, however Mike Beatty, company MD, explains: “Our experienced team of technicians are currently undergoing some intense training to ensure the service offered to dealers delivers at the level expected, or better still, exceeds it.

“Pulse Cinemas has long been known for offering UK dealers unparalleled service and support on a host of AV brands. After today’s announcement, we can boast that our dealers are now able to enjoy Crestron control, delivering a complete solution for all things cinema.”

Technical director at the company, Kapes Patel, adds: “We are delighted to add Crestron to our already impressive range of products and services. Pulse Cinemas has always acted patiently in acquiring additional complementary brands and waiting for what we consider to be the very best control system was no different.

“We are incredibly proud that Crestron have appointed our team to represent their brand and look forward to a long a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Pulse confirms it will be able to supply and support any part of the Crestron product range deemed suitable for the projects it is assisting dealers with.

To reflect the new relationship, the Pulse Cinemas Stansted facility is currently undergoing a major Crestron update to provide installers and their customers with a clear idea of what Crestron control will be able to bring to the cinema experience. Pulse expects the facility to be up-graded by the end of the year.

Commenting on the announcement, Matthew Buck, sales manager of Crestron UK & Ireland, says: “We are absolutely delighted to announce our partnership with Pulse Cinemas, their wealth of experience with prestigious cinema installations and beyond makes them the perfect partner.”

Official invitations to experience another new part of the Pulse set up will also be sent out on completion of the second-floor media room, currently under construction. Always part of the plan since moving to the new facility, this area will offer the chance to see and experience ‘flex’ style cinemas for those dealers with clients unable to spare the space for a dedicated cinema or for those who prefer experiencing their cinema in their main living area. This new part of the facility is expected to be ready early in the New Year.

Dealers wanting to know more should contact Kapes Patel or speak to any of the Pulse Cinemas team.

Kaleidescape News

Dear Kaleidescape Stakeholder,

On August 19, Kaleidescape temporarily ceased operations because we ran out of money. As the news spread, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our shareholders, employees, suppliers, other luxury A/V component manufacturers, the major motion picture studios, distributors, dealers, and (most importantly) our customers. Our customers passionately communicated their desire for us to continue providing the very best platform for movie playback.

Our team at Kaleidescape became energized and inspired to continue this journey. We spent the past 16 years carefully building a valuable technology, excellent products, and a highly respected brand in the worldwide custom channel. Our customers and dealers told us that Kaleidescape is the only luxury movie experience for the home, and they do not want to go back to watching movies from discs and streaming services.

We are delighted to announce that we have restarted operations. We restructured the company, slashed expenses, and obtained the investment needed (with no change of control). We are manufacturing and shipping a significant backlog of products that were ordered during the past two weeks. We are confident that our restructuring combined with this new investment will enable Kaleidescape to quickly return to growth and profitability.

Kaleidescape's stumble began last October when we launched the Kaleidescape Strato movie player. We made the mistake of pre-announcing software features that were not finished. One of those features – Blu-ray disc support for the Strato player – was a monstrous project that required certain critical software components from third-party suppliers. When third-party schedules slipped, we applied more of our own engineering resources to compensate, but we simply did not have enough engineering resources to remove schedule uncertainty and finish Strato's Blu-ray disc support in a reasonable period of time. Because almost all of our engineering resources were focused on this Blu-ray project, other features we had promised for Strato were delayed, including HDR, Terra support for large numbers of players, DVD playback, and playback from a Premiere system. Strato is an amazing award-winning product, even without these additional software features. Unfortunately, we created the perception that Strato was an unfinished product, and our sales suffered accordingly.

The "new Kaleidescape" will take on fewer projects, and we will not pre-announce a product or feature until it is completed – especially if completion depends on a third party.

Kaleidescape will continue to sell and support both Premiere and Encore products. We expect to release kOS 7.3 in the near future, without Blu-ray disc support for Strato. It will include HDR playback, Terra support for large numbers of players, and Strato playback of DVD discs from a Disc Server. A number of HDR movies will become available in the movie store at that time.

We have decided to focus our precious development efforts on forward-looking technologies that will enable our movie store to offer even more titles, with even higher quality, in earlier release windows. To enable our engineers to focus on these exciting new technologies, we have re-prioritized Blu-ray disc support for Strato, which we hope to introduce in a 2017 release of kOS.

We wish to thank all those who have shown us their support, and helped us to achieve this positive outcome.

Please email me directly if you have any questions relating to the "new Kaleidescape."


Cheena Srinivasan, CEO
Kaleidescape, Inc.

After reading Kaleidescape's official announcement, we are delighted to announce that the doors have reopened and business can now continue!

In our previous press release we expressed how confident we were that a solution would be found. The immediate outpouring of positive comments from dealers and clients from across the world, filled us with optimism.

Kaleidescape, a brand with pedigree, performance and unrivalled user interface would surely find the much needed injection to help them continue on their quest for audio visual perfection.

Today, Kaleidescape announced that offers of investment have continued throughout the week and the company has selected its investors based on their love for the brand and all it stands for.

More news will follow shortly, but for now the industry should rejoice in the news that Kaleidescape is back on track.

Mike Beatty
Managing Director