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Sometimes a home cinema installation surprises even the installer himself, and this incredible setup is arguably one of the finest home theatres in the UK. Featuring a Screen Research 140inch X-Mask 235 Theatre Curve acoustically transparent projection screen, and Runco VX22D projector with Mckinley Autoscope lens, it boasts some of the best kit available today. Also included: Procella speakers, Audio Control processor and amps, Niveus Blu-ray server and Fortress Matinee cinema seating.

Magazine editors have been falling over themsleves to feature this, and the November 2009 editions of Home Cinema Choice (the UK's leading home cinema magazine) and Essential Installer (one of the UK's leading trade magazines for the custom installation industry) have both published glowing reports. UK cinema design doesn't get much better than this.

System requirements
A number of elements were discussed when interest in a cinema was first expressed by the client. For starters, a dedicated bar area was mentioned, along with requirements for six cinema chairs, the biggest screen possible, for the size of room and seating position and no compromise, plasma like image quality on the screen. The client wanted to access his library of films, old and new, from the comfort of his chair, wanted to be able to play the system at levels the director intended and insisted that all of this should be controlled from one remote. He also wanted to watch Sky TV, and asked that the system should also allow his kids to do what they do best: play Nintendo Wii!

Wired for motion
Guy and the Imagine This team spoke at length to the client and made sure that everything had been considered, and after they had finished with the wish list, the only outstanding issue was the question of motion. It was decided that the cinema should be wired for D-BOX motion cinema, allowing an upgrade to be made within a few hours at anytime in the future.

Dreams into reality
It was now time to set about turning the client’s dreams into reality. So the first job was to measure the room – information that would be critical when deciding which equipment would be appropriate. 3D illustrations would also give everyone involved a vision to aim for and then the work would begin.

Researching the screen
After discussions with Pulse Marketing – who have been involved in specifying cinemas for over twenty years and distribute some of the finest home cinema equipment currently available – it was decided that the maximum size of screen for a room of this size was 140inches. Because of the requirement for a minimalist design, a Screen Research X Mask projection screen, using clearpix 2, plus ISF and THX certified fabric, was selected. This meant all speakers could be placed behind the screen, whilst still maintaining the very best in picture and sound quality.Because of the system requirements, a Screen Research curved screen was chosen; according to Pulse Marketing, this helps to correct the distortion introduced by an anamorphic lens, and also helps on short throw systems to increase the brightness at the edge of the screen. (For all unsure of the benefits and suitability of a curved screen, a quick call to Pulse will put your mind at rest.)

Projecting the right image
It was decided that a Runco VX22 projector would be situated at the back of the room, within a custom made cabinet so that it could fire images through a carefully constructed aperture. Because of the requirements of throw and the fact that the image needed to fill such a big screen, it was concluded that the VX22 with autoscope lens would give the client the best solution.

A sound choice
Sound from Procella Audio was unanimously decided after the client visited Pulse Marketing’s demonstration cabin cinema, where all of the elements are on display for those wanting a no-compromise cinema experience. The fusion of sound and picture with Procella and Runco was paramount, especially as the client had requested that he wanted to “hear and see what the directed intended.”

He’s got control
A complete AudioControl amplifier/processor system (see kit list below) was selected to give the client the sound levels and quality required – boasting an incredible 200 watts of effortless power into 7 channels. Audio control is the first choice for high-end cinema design in the US, and after hearing the system we can see why.

Ultimate access
A Niveus server was selected to give the client access to his array of DVDs new and old, and because of the requirement for Blu-ray the Niveus was first choice.

Are you sitting comfortably?
Finally, the cinema was fitted with six incredibly comfortable Fortress Matinee cinema chairs with D-BOX Technology built-in under the red leather for future use - and all able to recline at the touch of a button.

Kit List:
Runco VX22D with Mckinley Autoscope lens
Screen Research 140” XMask 235 Theatre curve – Acoustically transparent screen
Procella P8 LCR Speakers x 3
Procella Surround P6 Speakers x 4
Procella Sub woofer P18 x 1
Audio Control Concert AVR1 Processor
Audio Control Avalon 2 channel
Audio Control Pantages 5 channel
Sherbourn C12 colling unit
Niveus Pro N4 Blu-ray server
Fortress Matinee cinema seats x 6
Lighting control by Detailed lighting and Lutron
Mid Atlantic Rack
Phillips pronto

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