This home cinema installation doesn't hide its light under a bushel – and what opulent light at that! This is a cinema install which knows where its bread's buttered: a full-on, pink and green entertainment arena which looks ultra-modern while tipping a wink to the retro sci-fi modernity of Blake's 7 and Doctor Who. Think Tardis with a twist of high-style pink. Beautifully designed sound insulation gives the whole room the feel of a womb-like enclosure; a cosy environment in which to blast out your favourite blockbusters safe in the knowledge that only your home cinema guests can hear the full-on cinema sound. But what of the visuals? Screen Research, the innovative French projection screen manufacturer, ensures that projected images are given a rousing reception, thanks to the award-winning ClearPix2 screen. ClearPix2 recently received the ultimate plaudit from the UK home cinema installation industry, being voted Best Projection Screen in the Home Cinema Digest 2010 Trade Awards. Click here to find out more.

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