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Sometimes a home cinema installation is so perfectly realised that it is almost art. This simple, yet supremely effective, UK install takes black as its theme, and adds a dash of red to seal the deal: this is a serious system that doesn't pay lip service to frivolity. Hidden away, the kit that drives this home cinema powerhouse is no less serious. A Runco VX2000d home cinema projector with Whitney Lens provides the perfect movie images, whilst an award-winning Screen Research projection screen (FS-130-235-2W-B Fixed Frame) ensures that the Runco isn't sold short. There's more – and perhaps, given the serious look of the installation, this might be something of a surprise. Hidden beneath the beautiful leather exterior of those three genuine cinema chairs is D-Box Motion technology, providing realistic, as-the-Director-intended, motion to accompany the amazing home cinema visuals. Frivolous? Not a bit of it – D-Box is a serious, and essential, home cinema add-on.

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