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Classic with a twist

Home cinema installation is often about personal taste. Not everyone wants a traditional theatre, but equally not all of us want to ‘theme’ or personalise our cinemas too much – it’s easy to over-egg this particular pudding. Sometimes classic with a twist is all that’s needed, and this cinema is a perfect illustration of that ethos.

It has the feel of a traditional cinema ‘palace’, with just the right (not too much!) personal touches. A home from home that just happens to provide movie thrills and popcorn!

Behind the trad looks are some seriously modern bits of tech. A Runco VX22 projector with McKinley Lens beams movie magic onto a Screen Research XLR-140-240-2W-B acoustically transparent screen (140inch X-Mask, 2.40:1 format).

Procella loudspeakers combine with Sherbourn electronics to create full-on home cinema sound that’ll take you back to those first experiences of watching Star Wars in ’77 – only much, much better. They’ll evoke a classic ‘widescreen’ cinema sound, but in reality this sound system would knock the spots off theatre systems from back then.

The system comprises 3 x Procella P8 (fronts), 4 x P8 (surrounds), 1 x P15 and P10 subwoofers, and Sherbourn PT7020 (processor)/ 7-350 (7 x 350 watt amplifier).

Eight Fortress Matinee cinema seats complete a classic setup with serious bells and whistles. Classic with a twist, and the twist is serious quality.

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