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Loft living for movie buffs

Sometimes loft conversions are more than just a way of providing more space for a growing family. Sometimes they are the fruits of hard labour and long-held dreams – your just deserts for all the hours at your desk. And why shouldn’t you reward yourself? You can always find space for a sofa bed, or an in-wall fold-away, if guests insist on staying in your lofty cinema palace! (And only if they promise to clear away the midnight-snack popcorn!)

The power behind this design classic is mostly hidden away of course – but no less effective for that. A multi-award-winning Runco LS-5 with Whitney Lens combines with Screen Research MS2-IS-100-235-2W-B) acoustically transparent screen (Motorised In-Ceiling 100inch – 2.35:1 Format) to provide images that truly does the design of this cinema justice. And if you want a rest from the main screen, a Runco Vistage V-63HD plasma display provides options.

Sound comes from Triad – 3 x Silver/4 LCR’s (fronts); 2 x Silver/4 (surrounds); 1 x InRoom Gold Subwoofer with RackAmp 1000’s – and Sherbourn: SR-120 receiver.

Actually, forget the guest bed. Friends can stay at the local B&B!

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