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The perfect boys toys

Howdy, glad to meet ya! And, boy, are we glad to meet this Woody-friendly playhouse. If Disney and Pixar are your markers for cinema excellence, then this is probably your dream home cinema installation. It’s as if John Lasseter and the Pixar crew had taken on home cinema design. Full-on colour combines with simple, block designs to create possibly the most fun cinema you’ll ever see. And the building blocks hammer the point home: movies are fun!

But behind the breezy, ‘dayglo’ design is some serious, grown-up kit. Projection is provided by a Runco projector John Lasseter would be proud of: The SC-60 with McKinley CineWide Lens. This is given the best-possible platform thanks to a Screen Research XLR-160-240-2W-B 160inch X-Mask (2.40:1 format) acoustically transparent projection screen. Toy Story 3 at its visual best.

Great images, of course, deserve great sound, and this is achieved thanks to the use of an AudioControl Maestro M3 processor and Pantages G3 amplifier (5 x 230 Watts), plus Procella loudspeakers: 3 x P815 (fronts); 6 x P8 (surrounds); 1 x P18 and 1 x P15 (subwoofers).

The beautiful, playful seats are provided by Fortress – 10 custom pieces. And the fun-house is rounded off nicely with the inclusion of D-Box kit, for that full-on, in-the-action feel. Four D-Box Actuator Systems and a Series IV BD Motion Controller let you feel the action as well as seeing and hearing it.

This really is a system to take you beyond infinity.

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