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When is a cinema not a cinema? When it’s a cinema and a pool room of course!

This cinema has that boys club appeal: member’s only. But don’t get the wrong impression: movies certainly aren’t second-best. A Runco LS10d with CineGlide Lens and Screen Research XLR-120-240-2W-B acoustically transparent screen (120inch X-Mask, 2.40:1 format) provides the sort of quality visuals you’d expect from a cinema with such a member’s only pedigree.

And, hidden from view, the sound system doesn’t disappoint either. Triad supplies some of the best speakers you can resource for a cinema, in this case: 3 x Gold/6 LCR’s (fronts); 4 x Gold/6 (surrounds); 2 x InRoom Platinum Subwoofers with RackAmp; 2 x InWall Bronze/6 Subwoofers with RackAmp 350’s. That’s serious, masculine cinema sound for a cinema that’s clearly for the boys. You’ve Got Mail won’t be featuring in Saturday night’s line-up; Fight Club is top of the bill!

Amplification comes from Sherbourn with its refined PT7020 processor and meaty 7-350 (7 x 350 watt) amplifier. And what about those cinema seats? Again, they’re soooo member’s only. Nine fabulous Clive Christian jobs: only the best for this particular cinema room.

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