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An Emperors Theatre

The luxurious red leather Fortress seats set the tone for this opulent room. A 120” 2.40 ratio cinemascope Screen Research screen conceals the stunning Triad Gold LCR speakers and the Cinema Plus silver subwoofers, a real power house of a speaker package and perfectly suited to a room of this size.

The client wanted a stylish theatre without any equipment on show so the room was designed around this concept. The room benefits from a full acoustic treatment package to ensure that we get optimum performance from the speakers. Audio reflections are minimised on the front sound stage giving incredibly detailed and precise vocals, essential when reproducing these high resolution sound tracks. Once again, the acoustic materials have been hidden behind a stretched fabric wall covering so we get maximum performance without effecting the look of the room.

Leading sound proofing experts Isomass have also been involved to ensure minimum sound leakage into the adjoining rooms, a very important design consideration in rooms like this due to the large amount of energy that the speakers can produce!

A Runco VX-11d is installed in a projection booth behind a piece of iGlass Anti Reflective coated glass. This ensures no reflections and it is optically neutral to ensure we get a superb image on screen without needing to have the projector suspended from the ceiling. The client also has a large McKinley anamorphic lens so that 2.40 ratio movies can be enjoyed in full high definition whilst maximising the light output of the projector.

The Video Xtreme VX-11d features an off board DHD video processor which handles all of the HDMI sources as well as older analog component signals, its powerful processing engine maximises the resolution and picture quality. Image Science Foundation (ISF) calibration is also handled by the DHD controller ensuring that the client receives perfect colour balance and white field uniformity.

The end result of this fastidious design is a cinema that looks beautiful but still performs to a reference standard.

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