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Basement, how low can you go?

This cool looking basement conversion cinema was a perfect solution for this London based client. With space being a premium we are seeing more and more properties that have been granted planning permission for a basement. It is the perfect environment for a serious dedicated home cinema as there is no natural light to compete with which means we can have complete control over light levels in the cinema.

The 90” 1.78 (16/9) Screen Research screen is the perfect screen size for the Runco Q-750i projector and with the Solidpix white material, our speakers needed to be concealed elsewhere. The client wanted to view his digital photographs in their native Adobe RGB colour space and since the Q-750i supports DCI, Adobe RBG, sRBG, REC 709, and REC 601, is inclusion to this system was somewhat of a no-brainer.

Triad’s fantastic In Ceiling 6 Silver Monitors create a rock solid front sound stage, the angle baffled design points the drive units directly at the listening positioning and the custom paint matched grills allow them to go almost completely unnoticed. Driven by the powerful Sherbourn 5/200 power amplifier and matched with a pair of In Ceiling Silver 4 Surround speakers you end up with a timbre matched, cohesive sound stage that can’t fail to bring a smile to your face.

The room correction program on the Sherbourn 7020 processor helps to smooth out any bass peaks that the brutal Triad Gold DSP subwoofer produces, whilst also handling the glorious DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD sounds tracks. These latest high resolution audio tracks really are a huge leap forward and are faithful to the studio originals.

Best of all, this superb cinema system can be enjoyed in First class comfort on the custom finished Fortress cinema seating with piping detail. These guys really can build a chair that perfectly suits your needs.

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