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Take one interesting shaped room add a very high specification list and you end up with a great design challenge!

Procella Audio were chosen to provide the dynamic sound track with 9 x P8 (which are also THX approved) all round. To provide deep, powerful and detailed bass, the client decided to use a P15 as well as a P10 subwoofer. By using two subwoofers, we can achieve a far more even bass response in the room meaning that every seat can enjoy the seismic effect that a twin 15” woofer can achieve.

The P8’s are driven by the potent Sherbourn 7-150 and 2-160 amplifiers, plenty of power on tap to drive the speakers all the way up to a peak output of 129 dB! The front 3 speakers and P15 subwoofer are hidden behind the X-mask lateral masking Screen Research screen with the favoured Clearpix 2 THX acoustically transparent material. This room also benefits from extensive room treatment which really allows us to get the best out of the superb audio package.

The cherry on top of this already epic cake is the first Runco LS-12d. The LS-12d features a powerful 2100 ANSI Lumen light engine with a 3 Chip DLP design for incredibly sharp images. It also gives us a fantastic active shutter 3D system so that the latest 3D movies can be enjoyed to a fabulous standard. But it doesn’t quite stop there either! The Cineglide lens motorises into position when 2.40 ratio movies are played so you get the correct aspect ratio, at maximum resolution, regardless of the movie. It is a superb addition on the system and one which the client is particularly proud off.

The best system in the world needs to be enjoyed on the most comfortable seats and Fortress have once again pulled out all of the stops in this area. The incredibly comfortable and stylish Kensington’s feature full electric incline and have been future proofed by adding the additional bracing to allow DBOX to be fitted at a later date. This shows the level of detail that has gone into the planning on this bespoke installation.

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