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Since home cinemas are a really fun place to be, why not go crazy with the interior design with a themed room? This beautiful Egyptian themed cinema really takes the escapism that we all try and achieve in a cinema to the next level. But don’t mistake this superb finish as a compromised room, it has been designed to conceal all of the equipment whilst maintaining the authentic look.

A bar at the back of the room is ideal for refreshments without having to make a trip to the kitchen during a film but it also conceals the stunning SC-35 Runco projector in it! This amazing projector uses the finest optics package for amazingly life like images. Bright with sensational colours, this reference standard 2D & 3D projector sets new standards in home projection.

The 140” E Mask screen from Screen Research allows the client to watch everything from sports channels and gaming to the latest block buster, all in the correct aspect ratio. With its smooth operating lateral masks, it quickly and quietly switches between 1.78 and 2.40 aspect ratios. No black bars when watching films in this cinema!

So that we could comfortably achieve THX reference level at the listening position, Procella Audio P610’s were an obvious choice. Powerful and full range (flat all the way down to 40Hz), the small but might P610 really packs a punch with a maximum output of 128dB at one meter. The 10” woofer used on each P610 ensures clean extension down to 40Hz which means that every single last bit of low frequency energy stored in the DTS HD Master audio and Dolby True HD sound tracks LCR channels is faithfully reproduced.

With 4 P6 surround speakers hidden in the walls and timbre matching with Procella’s “single voice” philosophy, you get a solid, convincing sound stage that really envelopes you. Your favourite movies never sounded so good! Taking care of the low frequency effects a pair of P10 subwoofers are concealed behind the screen. Slim yet hugely powerful, the P10 work really well in UK homes thanks to its slim depth (only 180mm) yet still delivers prodigious output with a pair of long throw, high output 10” woofers.

Amplification is provided by the brutal DA-2800DSP. Boasting 2800W of output in just 1U rack space, these incredibly high output amps have another trick up their sleeve; DSP. The advanced DSP controls allow each amplifiers output to be tailored to each speaker in the Procella range. This results in startling accuracy, huge dynamic range and mighty sound pressure levels.

The incredibly comfy Fortress chairs were finished in the clients own material. This level of customisation is what makes Fortress a true custom supplier. No detail or feature is too difficult for them to engineer into each of their hand crafted seats. Backed with a huge 10 year warranty, they really are built to last and will give you the best seat in the theatre, wherever that seat may be!

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