Super Yacht Cinema System with Disappearing Cinema Seats

“This fabulous theatre had a real double agent roll to play : One minute a beautiful living room with a comfy U shaped sofa to relax on, the next a reference level cinema that had previously been completely hidden!

By designing an innovative hidden platform, it was possible to conceal the 5 dedicated cinema chairs with D-BOX in the floor when the system isn’t being used. The U shaped sofa then slides automatically back over the hidden chairs to completely conceal any trace of the seats. This dual purpose design was only made possible with bespoke, custom engineering and proposed a real challenge when designing the system!

When the cinema chairs are on their raised platform (which gives the perfect view over the sofa in front), the back row get an even more immersive experience. With 3 way D-BOX motion actuators fitted, viewers are treated to the ultimate cinema experience. With an inch and a half of travel, you are effortlessly drawn into the film with life like reproduction of what the actors are doing on screen. Once you have experienced it, you’ll want to revisit your collection to see what you have been missing for all these years!

To complement the fabulous, comfortable Fortress seats, we also have a reference level projector and speaker package. The Triad In Wall Platinum LCR’s deliver the dialog with breathtaking clarity whilst remaining entirely hidden behind an acoustically transparent fabric, the perfect combination for a hidden theatre. Powerful subwoofers have also been built into the wall to deliver impact to the sound stage without encroaching on the room design whilst 3 pairs of Triad Gold Surrounds are hidden in the ceiling to complete the truly enveloping sound system.

With a large amount of light in the room during the day, the Signature Cinema 60 from Runco also delivers a star performance. Boasting a mammoth 10,000 ANSI Lumen, this 3 chip reference projector has enough light output to allow stunning visuals during the day and, with its ISF (Image Science Foundation) day and night modes, you can have a perfectly calibrated image that works in the evening too. It truly is the best of both worlds. The cinema grade optics are also bolstered by the addition of the motorised McKinley anamorphic lens.

This awesome piece of engineering allows you to enjoy both 1.78 and 2.40 ratio movies without loss of resolution, light or detail. The 150” Screen Research motorised in ceiling screen matches the SC-60 perfectly with motorised masking to frame both 1.78 and 2.40 content. The THX approved acoustically transparent Clear Pix 2 fabric means that every single minute detail that the Platinum LCR’s resolve is heard with crystal clarity.

This has been one of the most challenging builds but the results are absolutely phenomenal, beautiful living room or thunderous theatre; why not have both?”

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