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Home cinema with a modern twist. This fantastic looking room was changed from dreary to dreamy in a really short space of time, the level of finish is superb. The LED strip lights highlight the suede covered walls perfectly, giving the room a really warm, luxurious feel. The thick pile carpet not only feels great under your feet but it also helps with acoustics. Working in conjunction with the suede panels, these two materials provide really good absorption of the first reflections from the speakers, meaning we get incredibly crisp and clean dialog from the Triad Silver LCR’s hidden behind the acoustically transparent screen.

The Fortress chairs with custom piping detail really finish the room off perfectly, the combination of style & comfort is hard to match and they are a great place to sit for a few hours and enjoy a movie. With built in electric incliners, you can put your feet up and really relax on the soft leather whilst being perfectly supported.

The equipment rack is proudly placed on show in the reception area and why not? The cabling is beautifully managed and the whole system can be easily operated by an iPad with a custom written program that controls the Blu Ray player, Sky digital and lighting. The large touch panel makes it easy to navigate and gets rid of the typical pile of remotes that everyone hates.

The large 120” screen is as superb for watching movies as it is for enjoying football and the F1, this cinema gets a lot of use! So that the room could be used with a reasonable level of ambient light, a Runco LS-HB was specified. This compact DLP projector has an amazing 2700 ANSI Lumen output which is potent enough to allow lights on in the seating area but still deliver great pictures on the THX approved Screen Research screen.

The superb Triad speaker package comfortably fills the room with detailed, articulate sound despite being all but invisible. The impressive Silver LCR’s are incredibly detailed, you can pick out the finest vocal nuances and the biggest onscreen action with equal aplomb, such is their versatility. The matching pair of Triad Silver subwoofers give a really even bass response in all of the listening positions and are hidden from view behind the screen, completing the discrete look. The audio package is finished off with two pairs of in ceiling bronze surround speakers. Their dipole design gives a really good spread of sound and encapsulates the viewers in an expansive rear sound stage.

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