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Luxurious and relaxed, time for a Zen moment...

What better way to relax after a busy week at work then to chill out with the family in this beautiful cinema?

Featuring the incredibly comfortable chaise longue Kensington chairs from Fortress Seating, you won’t find a more supportive and relaxing place to watch your favourite film. Finished in a sumptuous premium leather, they are the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Once you are comfy, you will notice the incredibly bright picture displayed on the stunning Screen Research acoustically transparent screen. Weighing in at 140”, this native 2.40 ratio screen also features motorised masking so that original 1.78 and even 1.33 ratio material can be displayed in the correct aspect ratio.

The bright image is provided by the awesome Runco SC-35. Hailing from the Signature Cinema range, the 3500 ANSI lumen SC-35 utilises digital cinema lenses for unrivalled video performance in both 2D and 3D. The excellent DC-300 video processor is incredibly sophisticated with a separate left and right eye 3D processing engine for life like 3D images with incredibly smooth motion. This really is a standard by which all other projection systems can be measured.

An amazing picture and huge comfort would be nothing without a thumping audio package to go along with it and this Procella Audio package delivers in spades. Hidden behind the acoustically transparent THX ClearPix 2 we have the THX approved P8’s. Boasting a staggering 128dB output at 1m, these mighty monitors deliver scintillating dialog and all of the heavy impact you’d expect from the latest Hollywood blockbusters without sacrificing any of the subtle nuances.

The Low Frequency Effects (LFE) is taken care of by the compact but potent P15 subwoofer. With 700W’s of amplification and a pair of 15” woofers you’ll feel every bit of the action!

The whole system is driven by the superb Sherbourn 7030 processor and the heavy weight 7/350 amplifier. With over 2.1kW of output you’ll never be short of power!

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