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Starting with a blank canvas can always be challenging and that is exactly what we had to work with on this particular room. The room used to have a spiral staircase where the projector and equipment currently reside so as you can imagine, a lot of work went into this build! The client wanted a modern but comfortable design that wouldn’t age too quickly either.

The client wanted a full, turnkey package which included the interior finishes as well, carpet, wall paper and everything were handled as a part of the installation. This system is a real power house, featuring the superb THX certified Procella P8 LCR speakers at the front of the room, hidden by at 100” (2540mm) Screen Research E Mask screen.

The powerful P15 subwoofer is also concealed behind the screen and really punches home the LFE channel with precision, depth and incredibly well controlled bass energy. The surround channels are the impressive Procella P6 which may look small but they still pack a serious level of performance, 122dB at 1 meter! They help to create an incredibly immersive surround experience and comfortably reach reference level when the client is seated in the incredibly comfy Fortress Matinee cinema chairs.

The chairs were built to order to fit into this relatively narrow room and have a pair of fantastic aisle lights that wash the floor on the two end chairs to make it really easy to find your seat. With electric recline, soft black leather and well padded cushions, you can be sure that the hours will fly by when you are engrossed in the latest movies!

The THX certified Runco Q-750i complete with a Whitney lens is the perfect partner for this system. With amazing colour reproduction, this LED light engine projector also offers stunning black level detail as well. The anamorphic Whitney lens means that you can view the films in the original 2.35 ratio; finally an end to the annoying black bars that feature on 95% of movies! The motorised masks give a crisp edge to both 1.78 and 2.35 ratio material, this system is ready for anything.

Acoustics is something often talked about but rarely treated but you can’t expect a room to sound good, just because you bought some amazing equipment. In keeping with the room design, the client chose the movie posters from his favourite films and we had them made into high performance absorption panels. Absorption at the first reflection point is incredibly important, it causes a double image as the sound reflects from the wall arrives at the listener after the initial direct sound. This can make it very difficult to hear all of the speech on busy action sequences and makes the system fatiguing to listen to.

These simple absorbers are incredibly effective and they allow the client to listen to even the most dynamic action sequences at high volume with excellent clarity. This luxurious, custom built cinema really did for fill all of the clients criteria and will allow them to enjoy fantastic movies, sport and television for many years to come.

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