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Huge performance but minimal visual impact to the beautiful interior design? A tough challenge but one that we are always happy to rise to the occasion for!

Beautiful homes need elegant cinema solutions that seamlessly blend into the room and don’t shout about it. That doesn’t mean that we need to compromise on performance though! This project was a perfect case in point; Triad In Wall Silver LCR’s are hidden in the front wall with custom colour matched grills.

They blend in really well yet still deliver the kind of concise, clear dialog that many have come to expect from Triad. Likewise, the In Ceiling Silver Round speakers are hidden in the ceiling with their bezzeless grills perfectly paint matched. Behind the sofa, we have a pair of powerful Bronze 6 subwoofers, again paint matched, but all but invisible hidden behind the sofa. The bass is solid, tight and controlled but perhaps just as important, perfectly blended into the interior decor.

The audio is from the top drawer so what about the video? During the day, the Screen Research projection screen is hidden in a trap door mechanism that flits flush with the ceiling. The mirror on the wall also doubles up as an LCD television which is ideal for day time viewing.

When the client wants to watch a movie on the big screen, the Crestron control system automates the whole system at the touch of a button. The 3D Runco X-200i is housed in a ceiling lift which also sits flush with the ceiling when not being used. This powerful, 1430 ANSI Lumen projector is perfect for larger screens or higher ambient light environments. Stunning 2D and 3D performance with amazing clarity make this an ideal addition to any flex theatre system.

The Lutron lighting system has also been programmed to give great flexibility with many different pre-programmed lighting scenes to suit movie watching, entertaining and chilling out.

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