Swimming Pool Home Cinema

A cinema in a gym? Why not!

What about one in a swimming pool? Sure, we can do that.

Ok, I’m thinking of doing them both... At the same time.

Not your average conversation I’ll grant you but that was the exact request that this particular client had. As is often the case, some extra design work needed to happen before this project could really get going. We had to work out a way for the projected image to be seen in the pool and the gym area at the same and the client also wanted to have glass doors to separate the two areas. It was decided that a smart glass that could switch between clear or opaque at the touch of a button.

This clever solution allows the client to view the projected image in both rooms at the same time and, when the cinema is not in use, allows a clear view into each room as well; Perfect!

It also means that the projector can be housed in the gym, away from the humidity of the swimming pool. In this case we needed to use the high light output version of the LS-10i, the LS10HBd. With over 3700 ANSI Lumen, this is the ideal projector to use in multipurpose spaces like this, especially when we have some ambient light to compete with.

We have two separate speaker packages installed, this allows the client to have the audio playing in either or both zones at the same time, making it very flexible. The Definitive Technology DI8R speakers sound superb when they are augmented with the potent In Wall 10/10 subwoofer and powerful Sub Amp 600. This really is a great combination, easily filling the gym with music when the client is working out or with commentary when they are watching the Formula 1 in the swimming pool.

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