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Vive la Revolution!

This revolutionary twist on Home Cinema really opens up possibilities for its use and makes the space really multipurpose. The centre piece of this stunning room is the revolving seating platform. In just a few seconds, the beautiful, custom built Fortress Seating sofa can be rotated around 180 degrees to face either the screen or the back two rows of the cinema.

With just a simple press of a button, you can choose to enjoy the latest movie or turn around and have a chat with your friends on the back rows!

The rest of the system has been built to the same high standard as the seating with some extremely high performance components. Starting with the project, we have utilised the stunning Runco D-73d. This unique passive 3D LED light engine projector delivers unbelievably vibrant images, all in flicker-free 3D. Combined with the theatre curve X-Mask screen with Screen Research’s latest SilverPix 3D Sonic 2.4, the pictures are incredibly bright and life like with deep, rich colours.

Hidden behind the acoustically transparent screen, we have some very heavy hitters in the form of the Procella Audio P815 LCR’s and P18 subwoofer. With huge head room available, these incredibly dynamic loud speakers deliver scarily accurate vocals, huge impact which really hooks you into the action. The potent P18 subwoofer uses its twin 18” woofers to great effect in this room with solid, realistic, tight and well controlled bass.

The surround channels are well catered for by the P8 surround speakers. With wide dispersion characteristics and high power handling you get great coverage in all of the seating positions and the system is incredibly immersive. An P15 subwoofer is installed at the back of the room to ensure that all of the seats have an even bass response; so important in large rooms where the standing waves need to be made more complex.

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