Bespoke Cinema Cabin Installations London

Bespoke Cinema Cabin London.

Let’s go out to the cinema!

No, it’s ok, we haven’t lost our minds and we aren’t suggesting that you actually go out to the local cinema (shudder!)! But what do you do if you love films but don’t have the space in your home to have a dedicated cinema system installed? Think big!

Why not take the route this client did and build a log cabin in the garden? Detached from the house it is much easier to isolate the (substantial) noise that a cinema can create and, as long as you keep the height of the eaves below 2500mm, you don’t need planning permission in most cases! The sense of separation from the main house really makes it feel like more of an event when the family get together an enjoy a movie.

The build is relatively simple and we have worked on a number of projects like this now so have a lot of experience. The same rules with any build apply here; we take vital feedback from the client to work out what they really enjoy watching (movies, sport, computer games etc), how many people they would like to be able to invite and whether the room is dedicated (all seats facing towards the screen) or multipurpose (also use the room for parties, entertaining etc).

Armed with that information we can help in partnership with a Pulse Cinema installer to design the perfect system. In almost all instances we like to offer three different system options with varying price points so the client can get a really good idea of what level of performance they are going to achieve. As always, the systems are carefully balanced to ensure that the budget is equally apportioned on screen, projector, speakers and acoustics to get the best overall performance from any of the packages.

In the end, the client went with the middle package (or “Gold” as we like to call it) which typically offer the best performance to cost ratio. Let’s have a look at the system in a bit more detail.

First of all, we have the excellent Triad In Wall Gold LCR’s at the front of the room. These dynamic, high output speakers are ideal for the left, centre and right speakers and work particularly well in rooms where you are around 6 meters from the speakers. We also have 4 of the specially commissioned Pulse Cinema Triad In Wall Silver 8 subwoofers. These subs have been custom built by Triad for us as we had a number of installations that would benefit from the larger 12” woofers but didn’t have the depth for the standard Silver 15 woofers.

As always, custom is Triad’s middle name so they had no problem at all in helping us out with this request. Powered by the DSP Rack Amp 600, these 12” subwoofers play nice and low without distortion to deliver tight, precise and deep bass. Not bad considering the are completely hidden behind the screen! The 4 surround channels are also hidden but this time built in wall. The dipole Triad Silver surrounds are a popular choice for cinema, offering wide dispersion for seamless integration and superb immersion.

The Triad speakers have been partnered with the fabulous new Datasat processor and power amplifier. As its name suggests, the SSP7 unusually has for independently adjustable subwoofer outputs, perfect for multiple subwoofer installations. This allows correct time alignment, bass management and calibration along with support for the latest decoding formats, including DTS Neo X. The potent 200W per channel PA 7.200D has an easy ride with the highly efficient Triad loudspeakers but can still call on over 400W per channel into 4 Ohms when required; always nice to have the fire power available when you need it!

The fabulous sound stage created by this partnering easily passes through the almost completely acoustically invisible ClearPix 4K screen material from Screen Research. This latest Reference material is stretched tautly between the aluminium frame work of the lateral masking E Mask frame and proudly displays its THX and ISF badges of honour on the smart black suede frame. The lateral masks allow the client to enjoy sports and computer games in their native 1.78 aspect ratio before quietly motorising away to reveal the amazingly cinematic 2.40 ratio that is the standard in all commercial cinemas. No black bars to spoil these movies!

Since the client is quite a fan of 3D sport and computer games, the powerful Runco LS-12d was drafted in to look after the image. This 3 chip DLP projector utilises a powerful light engine to deliver over 2100 ANSI Lumen which works incredibly well on this 3048mm (120” in old money or 10’ in really old money) screen, delivering just over 50 Ft Lamberts in 2D and a sterling 10 Ft Lamberts in 3D. What does that actually mean? Well a commercial cinema must deliver 16 Ft Lamberts in 2D and just 5 Ft Lamberts in 3D so this system is significantly (over double) brighter, punchier and more involving to watch than the dim image you see at the local cinema.

The powerful DC-300 processor handles all of the necessary scaling of lower resolution sources (1080i Sky TV for example) but also adds huge flexibility with multiple lens memories for 1.85, 1.78, 2.35 and 2.40 movies. Combined with the Cineglide anamorphic lens, and you have perfect clarity and the correct aspect ratio for any film.

The Kaliedescape Cinema One works perfectly in this system and fits within the clients budget too. With an on board Blu Ray player and on board storage for your 100 favourite Blu Rays, this latest player is  great addition to any cinema. You can also download the latest movies in full 1080P resolution from the on line Kaliedescae store, no need to worry about losing discs again! The unrivalled user interface makes navigating your collection so simple it is a joy to use, even suggesting movies you also might enjoy watching!

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