Modern Basement Cinema System

Modern Basement Cinema System

“Movie under the stars”

This beautiful basement was inspired by the great “Drive in Movie” cinemas that were incredibly popular in the 50’s in America. The client had found memories of watching their favourite films in the open air with the stars above them and wanted us to recreate that feeling in their basement.

Having helped with the design on many cinemas, we knew the best place to source a colour changing LED ceiling from that would fit the bill perfectly. With this key part of the design taken care of, we went to town on the luxurious red theme but with a modern twist.

It isn’t just a pretty looking room, those suede covered panels conceal a full acoustic design that combines the correct balance of absorption, diffusion, diffraction and bass control to give stunning audio performance. The room treatment transforms the performance of even the very best equipment and is, in our opinion, a must have for every home cinema.

The picture is taken care of by the spectacular X-200i. This single chip DLP projector delivers almost 1500 ANSI Lumen through a high quality optics package to give incredibly bright, vivid and life like images on the 120” wide Screen Research screen. Supporting both 2D and 3D, the X-200is is a fantastic partner to screens of this size and hits a real sweet spot of price versus performance.

The motorised Rainier anamorphic lens moves into position when 2.35 and 2.40 movies are detected by the Kaleidescape movie server so you get the correct ratio every time.

The multi format Screen Research X Mask screen supports 2.40, 2.35, 1.78 and 1.33 ratio, the optional Lutron motors silently moving the lateral masks so as not to disturb the movie. The Reference X Mask also has the option of having the frame covered in a different material (usually leather) bit in this instance we decided to go one further; we sent across a some of the wall covering material and had this fitted! The result was a superb match and an almost “floating” screen frame which is superb.

The screen fabric is the Reference ClearPix 4K; the industry reference for audio and video performance. With full ISF and THX approval, the awesome 0.75dB audio loss is so small, it is imperceptible to the human ear. This means you get to have the LCR speakers at the correct height behind the screen (where they should be) without any loss in audio or video performance. The difference in immersion, believability and scale is amazing, all cinemas should have the speakers positioned like this!

The speakers in question are the sublime Triad Gold Monitors. With ultra high quality Scandinavian drive units and no expense spared cross over’s, the Gold Monitors offer huge dynamics, incredible clarity and detail to bring you closer to the movies you love. From latest all action blockbuster to the Blu Ray concerts, this system delivers.

The Gold Monitors are backed up by some Triad custom In wall silver subwoofers. These 12” subwoofers are normally 380mm deep which are difficult to install in UK homes so Pulse Cinemas had them custom made to be just 205mm deep without any loss in performance. Now that’s what you call custom installation! Partnered with the powerful RackAmp 600, these DSP subwoofers really rock.

The surround speaker package is completed with some In Wall Silver surround speakers. These dipoles give a really broad, immersive sound so you can really lose yourself in the movie.

The whole speaker package is driven by the SSP 7.4, the latest AV processor from Datasat. This high quality processor has 4 independent subwoofer outputs which allows us to calibrate all 4 subwoofers for optimum performance. The high power PA 8.350D combines professional standard 24/7 operation with huge power : 350W per channel to be precise!

The advantage of all of this power is control : The amplifier exerts huge control over the Gold Monitors so they can really shine in this installation, even on the most complex pieces.

This whole immersive experience can be comfortably enjoyed in the custom finished Fortress Solo’s. These beautifully handmade chairs offer first class luxury and support for hours at a time, it really is the only way to truly enjoy the movie.

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