Home Cinema System

Turnkey solution providing design, interior finishes, construction and installation turning a basement space into stunning dedicated cinema room.

Built to seat 8 in ultimate luxury and comfort, this room features the latest in home cinema technology; Auro-3D. This exciting new sound format adds another layer of immersion with 5 additional height channels and a top channel too!

Auro-3D creates a realistic dome of audio, placing the listeners in the centre of a detailed 3D audio experience. This system is also ready for Dolby Atmos when it becomes available later this year. The new Datasat LS10 processor and a pair of RA7300 power amps drive the system with incredible c0ntrol and precision. If you haven’t heard firsthand the amazing difference that a high performance audio processor can make to a system, you owe it to yourself to hear a Datasat!

The audio is handled by a 14.2 Triad speaker system, discretely installed in the wall and behind the acoustically transparent Screen Research E Mask screen. The In Wall Gold LCR’s provide the main LCR channels, locking the dialog onto the screen with great precision and clarity.

The surround channels and height channels are taken care of by the Triad Mini LCR’s. These discrete but powerful speakers are excellent for 3D audio systems, giving high output and clarity but taking up minimal space.

The image is provided by the superb Runco X-200i 3D projector. Partnered with a Rainier anamorphic lens, both 1.78 and 2.35 content can be enjoyed in maximum resolution and with no black bars.

Finding the right movie to watch is made amazingly simple with the Kaleidescape Cinema One movie server. Partnered with the DV700 vault in this system, the client can have instant access to their movies in full Blu Ray quality. Unsure of what to watch? No problem! Kaleidescape’s unique and industry leading interface makes finding the perfect movie to watch easier than ever before.

Slick, cool and simple to navigate, Kaleidescape will allow you to skip the menus, adverts and trailers, giving access to your movies without hesitation.

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