Bond Cinema

A grand dedicated 12 seat cinema

This grand 12 seater cinema presented a real challenge; large spaces like this require a lot of output from the loud speakers as well as a lot of light output from the projector to give a really immersive experience.

The audio is taken care of by the superb Procella P8’s. These mighty 128dB output LCR’s really shine when high SPL’s and clarity are top of the list. Comfortable at listening distances of 9 meters, they combine incredibly quality, detail and precision. Again, the room size and multiple rows of seats required a larger than normal amount of surround channels.

To ensure timbre matching all around, the constant voice Procella P6’s were selected and 8 in total were used to give outstanding immersion and a full wrap around effect. Large room volumes require a lot of bass energy so the big guns were called in; the mighty Procella P18 and P15! 150kg of subwoofers gives incredible depth, punch and weight to the low frequencies, regardless of where you are sitting.

Dialog is perfectly locked onto the screen as the P8’s are placed behind a huge 4.5m wide Screen Research acoustically transparent screen. At over 2m tall, this huge screen uses ClearPix 4K, the best performing acoustically transparent material available in the market with only 0.75dB audio loss.

A screen of this magnitude needs a lot of light from the projector in order to really bring the images to life. This is where the Runco LS-12HBd steps in. Packing nearly 4000 genuine ANSI lumen, this fabulous 3 chip DLP projector produces bright, vibrant, rich in colour images along with very strong contrast ratio. Combined with the Cineglide anamorphic lens, the client can enjoy movies in both 1.78 and 2.35 ratio without any black bars.

All of the stunning audio and video quality can be enjoyed in complete comfort from one of the 12 incredibly well built Fortress Kensington chairs. Covered in soft, premium leather and supported by a 10 year warranty, there is no better way relax than hitting the electric recline button and enjoying a movie. Perfect.

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