Bentley Cinema

This stunning looking room had a tough design brief: The client wanted superb picture and sound quality but the entire system had to be completely invisible when not in use. Even hidden in wall speakers wouldn’t be acceptable as the grill would visible, despite the paint matching we offer.

The solution? The excellent Triad DS700SE. These incredible plaster in speakers offer a full, rich sound with superb detail and clarity. Partnered with the new Triad In Room slim subs which have been hidden under the sofa, this system is completely invisible yet still has the impact and impressiveness that you would expect from a high performance cinema.

These compact 10” woofers are powered by a rack mounted 350W DSP amplifier and can be mounted either face down or on their feet, depending on the installation.

The surround channels are taken care of by the smaller plaster in Triad DS500SE, these are an ideal solution as they take up a very small amount of space but are still capable of very high SPL’s. Again, with a thin skim of plaster, these speakers completely disappear into the wall and are then painted over as normal.

The whole speaker system is driven by the class leading Datasat LS10 processor and RA7300 power amplifier. The LS10 builds on the success of the Reference RS20i and can support up to 15 channels of 3D audio, each with individual equalisation. The beefy 7 channel, 300W RA7300 weights in at a whopping 65kg and offers quite simply epic performance to any loud speaker.

The drop down Supreme Screen Research screen drops silently into place via its Lutron motors, helping to keep the whole system incredibly discrete. The Reference ClearPix 4K fabric ensures a class leading 0.75dB of audio loss, all but inaudible to the human ear. Combined with 1.0 gain projection surface, the excellent fabric gains both THX and ISF certification.

The final piece of the cinema puzzle is the Runco X-200i projector. This DLP unit offers excellent colour fidelity, deep black levels and plenty of light output to give a bright, vibrant image. Combined with the motorised anamorphic lens, the client can enjoy both 1.78 and 2.35 movies at maximum resolution.

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