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The design of some home cinema installations is clearly influenced by the demands of the customer – and this coccon-like crib is one such install. Original it certainly is, marrying tiger-effect seating with themed blue and red cushions and lighting – all finished off with a future-scape painting which hints at the type of movies this particular home cinema-head covets. The Queen soundtracked Flash Gordon wouldn't be a bad guess for fave movie here! Particularly exciting is the curved ceiling with custom install lighting, providing a movie theatre feel for what is a very unique installation. But if you think the design is perhaps a tad frivolous, don't be misled into believing the same could be said of the power behind the projected images. World's-best projector manufacturer Runco provides the images, via its VX22i 3-chip DLP system, featuring CineWide lens – Runco’s most advanced McKinley anamorphic optics – and Runco's Autoscope. Ming the Merciless wouldn't stand a chance!

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Sometimes you have more than one use for a space, and here's an example of where a simple curtain can allow you to separate your home cinema installation from a larger room, providing you with that 'cocoon' feel common to movie theatres.

Boasting Triad in-ceiling speakers for top movie sound, plus award-winning Screen Research in-ceiling projection screen to display images from an award-winning Runco projector (also cunningly hidden away thanks to a Future Automation motorised lift), this system is simplicity itself. UK cinema design is very flexible, allowing you to create the finest home cinema utilising the finest home cinema design, wherever you desire.


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Oliver James

Okay, so you might not have choosen the wallpaper yourself, but this is a great example of how your own discrete home theatre installation can be integrated into your existing living space - with or without the dedicated cinema seating, of course!

On show in this picture is an award-winning Screen Research projection screen, which retracts into the ceiling when not in use. What you can't see are a full set of Triad cinema speakers (discretely hidden within the ceiling and walls) and an award-winning Runco projector which slides gently from the ceiling when it's time to crack out the popcorn... UK home cinema installers can help you with cinema design should you wish, but you can create the finest home cinema without our help – just as long as you realise that it's essential to use us for our technical expertise!

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So you've bought the fancy pad overlooking the Thames, now what? Your own home cinema installation, that's what! Even when square footage is at a premium it's possible to have the best there is, in terms of sound and vision – and it can all be concealed from view, if that's what you want. And thanks to the best UK home cinema designers and installers, anything is possible!

Featuring a Runco RS1100 projector and a Screen research motorised, ceiling-mounted screen, this concealed theatre even includes D-Box motion technology within the seats – providing the sensation of movement to match the awesome sound and vision... Home cinema installations don't come much better than this, even if you don't have space for a dedicated basement cinema design.


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